Kate McGarry

Melodic Songstress

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ニューヨークでの10年間、マクギャリーはリンカーンセンターの教員アーティスト、米国国務省のジャズアンバサダー、およびマンハッタン・スクール・オブ・ミュージック・ジャズ科の教員を務めました。 彼女は、2016年 ダウンビート誌の評論家投票で、「女性ヴォーカル・ライジンスター」に選ばれ、NPRのジャズセットでディーディー・ブリッジウォーターと共演、マリオン・マックパートランドのピアノジャズやAll Things Consideredにゲスト出演、及び全国的に多数のラジオ番組で特集されました。

Kaytie Holt

I was lucky enough to be in Kate McGarry's vocal intensive class, and that was transformative. Partly because of all she knows - all the warmups and vocal exercises and her consummate musicianship - but also because of her huge heart and tender way of teaching. She made each person in that class believe in him/herself, saw the best in each of us, and helped us to bring that out. She was already one of my favorite vocalists ever. Now she's also one of my favorite teachers and humans. I am so, so so grateful...

Aviva Diamond

I have to give an extra huge thanks to Kate McGarry. You changed my life. You opened me up in a way I didn’t know I needed. My music will be forever different because of the vulnerability you showed and the gracious gift you shared with me. Thank you.