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 dedicated to empowering singers to become complete musicians 


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Musicianship for the Jazz Vocalist

Retro Microphone

Voice (60 mins)

Back to Basics!  Pitch and Sound!  Discovering  your unique voice and musicality,

        as you develop a real ‘command' of both the Ballad, and the Swing Styles.


Jean McClelland   Vocalist  and Teacher of Alexander Technique

Nancy Marano brings to her teaching the very qualities that make her such a gifted and communicative singer: brilliant musicianship, authenticity, and a constant demand on herself to use her voice in the service of music. Nancy has a unique ability to inspire and empower her students to explore the full range of their abilities, no matter what their level of talent. To witness how rapidly her students improve is validation that Nancy Marano is among an elite group of master teachers.

Alexis Cole,

Vocalist and Professor at SUNY Purchase

Nancy was my teacher for two years of Undergrad.  She got me on the right track, meticulously learning the songs, so I could play with them from a place of deep understanding.  She's tough in all the right ways.  She laid the groundwork for my teaching style, emphasizing musicianship, spoken style singing and proper intonation.


Professional Vocalist

I have studied with Nancy in the USA and in Holland, She is my heroine of jazz singing. In master classes, her knowledge and ability command the respect of everyone in the room. In a loving way, Nancy takes the time to listen, and with her wonderful sense of humor offers honest criticism in a way that makes the student feel safe and nurtured. I recommend attending her performance after your lesson. She walks the walk!



  • 60-Minute Voice or Musicianship

    1 hr

    115 US dollars
  • 90-Minute Voice, Piano and Ear-Training Combined

    1 hr 30 min

    150 US dollars

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